28.-29.11.2016 Mamita´s High Heels, bichon havannese, gave birth to a lovely litter of size 6 (4 boys+2 girls). If you are interested, contact here.


Lily has been mated last weekend, maybe we will have puppies .... due time should be week 4.


LILY is in season which started a month earlier than expected. We are planning a litter for her - if interest don´t hesitate to ask about! :)


I am so happy and pleased to Lily´s (Qubic´s Almost A Dream) and Oli´s (Reata´s Oli) offspring; Blockhead´s Hey Look At Me has gained RKF title less than 2 years old! CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!



30.10.2016 LAHTI INT.DOG SHOW and we got DOUBLEWIN!!!! I am so happy and pleased: BOS was our Lily Qubic´s Almost A Dream and BOB was our boy Remu Blockhead´s Eastern Promises (lives in Isa-Mariaa´s family close to Lahti). Thank you girls Ritva, Krisse ja Isa-Mariia!!!



16.9.2016 Lily (Qubic´s Almost A Dream) and Vellu (Ladykin´s Quincey) at eye checks: all good and free of hederitary eye problems.


14.9.2016 English bulldog puppies were at vet check and microshipped - girls were over 3kg and the only boy was 4.7kg.


7.9.2016 ´Harryn´ AKA Blockhead´s Harry Potter HDA - ED0-0!



20.-21.8. Tallinn, Estonia and 2 x Cacib shows: Lily was BOB in both shows. Thank you Mary Anne for this beautiful girl; Qubic´s Almost A Dream.


Lily was shown by Juulia Nemlander, thank you so much Juulia!


Qubic´s Almost A Dream `Lily´ was shown beautifully in Adeza, Latvia and she was BOB with CC and Cacib. Lily is a new Latvian Champion and Baltian Champion!


Lily with Klara (yellow dress)


OULU INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW 10.7.2016 *New Finnish Champion * LT Champion Ladykin´s Quincey!!! He was BOS in Oulu with excellent critique! Thank you judge mr Juha Putkonen for the critique!

Thank you Ulla for the company and share, congrats to Martta to her BOB winning in Oulu! :)



It is always so hard to let puppies go... but the time game and now they learn to live in their new homes. Maybe sometimes one of them will come to continue breeding?



Not much to tell about June... we have been joined puppies growing.




28.05.2016 Lily alias Qubic´s Almost A Dream was BB3 + res-Cacib. She is getting more and more beautiful ...



I broke my ankle in the end of Feb and now trying to recover of that. Some HAPPY NEWS also: Blockhead´s Ella Enchanted x Bizzeeboots Last Train 2Clarksville will have puppies in midd of May´!!!



18.2.2016 I do not have words to tell how much this hearts.... our sweetheart Lola left us to Rainbow Bridge peacefully and there is no pain anymore. We loved you so, we will mis you so!



24.01.2016 Like mother like daughter.... Lily´s daughter Blockhead´s Hey Look At Me was BOB and BIG4 + JunBOB today in Russia!! She is co-owned with Nadja and Svetlana - CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS, That´s the way to go!!!


So lovely handled as always ♥


17.01.2016 LAHTI groupshow for 1&2 and our ´Lily´ Qubic´s Almost A Dream was BOB! This was the 1st show in Finland this year and it well very well. JENNI Lönnroos handled Lily in an excellent way and I am very gratefull to her; thank you Jenni :


10.1.2016 We are back in Finland!!! Two weeks of holidays makes you look the hole world in a different way and "refresh" your mind very well! I have some good news after returning: Ladykin´s Quincey aka Vellu is the BEST YOUNG OES OF 2015!!! ALSO he is #7 in the competition of all OES in Finland. Congrats goes to breeder Ladykin´s to Canada!! I am very happy!!!

Also, the last one of the litter E has been x-rayed and status game back B/B, 0/0. Very nice indeed!! Congrats to Ulla, knl Grey Coats owner of the stud and a BIG thanks to the owners of this litter!!!