News 2018

Tallinn, Estonia 11.2.2018

Toma was BOS junior + JCAC and after we´ve got the Lithuanian JCH title he´ll be also EEJCH.




Kaunas, Lithuania 27.-28.1. with Toma alias Blockhead´s Johnny B Good. He was 2 x JunBOB, 1 x BOS and 1 x BOB and gained 2 LT CAC >> New JunLT Champion. Thank you Anneli Hämäläinen for showing him so nicely!



News 2017

Updated 16-Feb-2018



16.12.2017 Stockholm Sweden, Swedish Junior Winner 2017+ 2nd best male with CAC and Crufts qualification for Toma, what a great day




8.- 9.-10.12.2017 Helsinki, winner shows x 3 and the best we got was NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER 2017 for Toma aka Blockhead´s Johnny B Good.


Tampere 26.11.2017 INT dog show was Toma´s first one in official classes. He was 2nd best male with res-CAC.



21.-22.10.2017 Estonia, Rakvere -Mr Hans Van Den Berg was judging our breed and he liked our Toma very much and Toma was BOB-puppy. LATER also BIS-puppy !!!!

Next day Toma was also BOB-puppy and that was all. BIG THANKS to Pia for showing him so nicely!!!!


My cellphone photo of the first day BIS win:



Jyväskylän INT dog show 14.10,judging Francesco Cochetti from Italy. Blockhead´s Johnny B Good was BOB-puppy with an excellen critique: "Lovely male. Excellent body proportions. Very well constructed, correct croup, head and expression. Correct bite. Good neck, angulations and topline and croup. Typical sheepdog movement. Correct coat"

Blockhead´s I Am Love was BOS with Cacic & CAC, congratulations to Katja and Janina! And thank you Janina for showing our Toma once again! :)

Toma with Janina in the ring...




Toma was at the special puppy show, he was BOB and got an excellent critique - again. I am so proud of this "little" man, he will need time to act well, but he really likes to be shown. Thank you Jenni for showing him!!




Sweden, Märstä All Breeds Show (totally entered 1882 dogs) where Toivo (our big hope, Blockhead´s I Am Love) was BOB and BIG3! Congrats to owner Katja Heiskanen!!! Our Lily aka Qubic´s Almost A Dream was BOS and she finished her Swedish Championtitle and also Nordic Championtitle!


Left: Blockhead´s I Am Love | Right: Qubic´s Almost A Dream


19.8.2017 Group- and Puppy Show in Helsinki, Tuomarinkartano. Our ´Lily´ Qubic´s Almost A Dream was BOB, and his son ´Toma´ Blockhead´s Johnny B Good was BOB and BIG4 puppy!! Thank you Katariina for showing them!!




´Toma´ can move... he has a beautiful reach in his legs ♥



Blockhead´s I Am Love ´Toivo´ was BOB in Druskininkai/Lithuania, photo: Janina & Toivo



Blockhead´s Harry Potter in Pärnu, Estonian CAC.


Blockhead´s Harry Potter, EE CAC


Toivo was in Oulu; BOS with CAC (again) - congratulations to Katja & Janina!! Our Toma was first time in a show ring, Lahti puppyshow, winning BOB.



17.06.2017 Speciality in Kotka, judging mr Davor Javor. Our best of the day was Toivo, who had the best head of all.


Blockhead´s I Am Love ´Toivo´& Katja



13.05.2017 Varkaus All Breeds Show, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki: BOB Blockhead´s I Am Love & BOS Qubic´s Almost A Dream:


Thank you Katja for showing Lily and the help! Lily had puppies 3.5 months ago and game back from maternity leave... :)



12.04.2017 Qubic´s Almost A Dream ´Lily´ & Reata´s Oli ´Oli´ litter has excellent results of hips ann elbows.... Blockhead´s Hippety Hopper HDA, ED0/0. Only two of this litter: Blockhead´s Heart Of Bluechannel and Blockhead´s Hey Look At Me (lives in Russia) haven´t done. Results from this litter: 4 x A-hips, 1xB-hip and all of them have 0/0 elbows.


10.04.2017 Blockhead´s I Am Love won a title of Tallinn Junior Winner2017:



22.03.2017 Puppies are over 8-weeks now and two of them have left into their new homes. B.Johnny B Good is staying at home.

Photo Jenni Niittylä || Puppies 6-weeks old:

Johnny B Good (male)
Jorneyman (male)
Josephine (female)



06.03.2017 Happy happy happy!!! Fourth from the litter of Reata´s Oli x Qubic´s Almost A Dream hip status: A/A and ED 0/0.




We were in Estonia at a Winner Cup-17 Cacib show and I am so happy to tell that Remu aka Blockhead´s Eastern Promises was BOB with CACIB+CAC! He is now an new EE champion.


PUPPIES have born 25.1. two boys and one girl. They are big and seems good at the moment.


07.01.2017 New Year has started! Hopefully there are some great things to see; Lily is giving birth to her babies during week 4.





Last shows of this year, Helsinki Winner and Winner shows. Lily was nro4 in Best Female class both days and that was not bad at all. Harry - in his VERY short coat, which is changing now- got also excellent and lovely critique. Elisa and I are very pleased for that and mostly because NOW Harry knows how to behave! :D Thank you Laura Liftländer for showing him so nicely!!

BOB puppy both days was from our latest litter; Blockhead´s I Am Love aka Toivo and he seems to developed very well:




CONGRATULATIONS TO KATJA & JANINA!!! THANKS FOR bringing him to this big show!


28.-29.11.2016 Mamita´s High Heels, bichon havannese, gave birth to a lovely litter of size 6 (4 boys+2 girls). If you are interested, contact here.


Lily has been mated last weekend, maybe we will have puppies .... due time should be week 4.


LILY is in season which started a month earlier than expected. We are planning a litter for her - if interest don´t hesitate to ask about! :)


I am so happy and pleased to Lily´s (Qubic´s Almost A Dream) and Oli´s (Reata´s Oli) offspring; Blockhead´s Hey Look At Me has gained RKF title less than 2 years old! CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!